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Reduce pdf file size. Acrobat 10 SDK in Acrobat S

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    Posted: 11 Jul 2017 at 4:43pm
I have some code in Access 2010 VBA that reads records and creates a single PDF from multiple linked PDF's with bookmarks.  This code works fine:

<<<< CODE begin >>>>>

Private Sub BuildDatabook_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_BuildDatabook_Click
   Dim sqlStr As String
   Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
   Dim vFiles() As String
   Dim iNrOfFiles As Long
   Dim iNrOfIncorrectFiles As Long
   Dim sPDFFileName As String
   Dim sPDFBookMark As String
   Dim sNewPDFFileName As String
   sNewPDFFileName = "\\sample\" & Me.Order_Id & "\Data_Book\10000_" & Format(Now(), "YYYYMMDDhhnn") & ".pdf"
   iNrOfFiles = 0
   iNrOfIncorrectFiles = 0
   sqlStr = "SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE Order_ID = '10000'"
   Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sqlStr, dbOpenDynaset, dbSeeChanges)
   Do While Not rst.EOF
      sPDFFileName = rst("FileName")
      sPDFBookMark = rst("BookMark")
      If Len(Dir(sPDFFileName)) = 0 Then
         iNrOfIncorrectFiles = iNrOfIncorrectFiles + 1
         ReDim Preserve vFiles(1, iNrOfFiles)
         vFiles(0, iNrOfFiles) = sPDFFileName
         vFiles(1, iNrOfFiles) = sPDFBookMark
         iNrOfFiles = iNrOfFiles + 1
      End If
   Set rst = Nothing
   If iNrOfFiles > 0 Then
      If iNrOfIncorrectFiles = 0 Then
         updfConcatenate vFiles, sNewPDFFileName
         updfConcatenate vFiles, sNewPDFFileName
         MsgBox sNewPDFFileName & " File Created, but " & iNrOfIncorrectFiles & " file(s) could not be found."
      End If
      Application.FollowHyperlink sNewPDFFileName, , True
      MsgBox "No valid files found to be merged", vbInformation, "Build Databook PDF"
   End If
   DoCmd.Hourglass False
End If
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox err.Description
    Resume Exit_BuildDatabook_Click
End Sub
Sub updfConcatenate(pvarFromPaths() As String, pstrToPath As String)
' the-combine-files-bookmark-s
Dim origPdfDoc As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc
Dim newPdfDoc As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc
Dim lngNewPageCount As Long
Dim lngInsertPage As Long
Dim I As Long
Set origPdfDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")
Set newPdfDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")
If newPdfDoc.Open(pvarFromPaths(0, 0)) = True Then
   updfInsertBookmark pvarFromPaths(1, 0), lngInsertPage, , newPdfDoc
   mlngBkmkCounter = 1
   For I = 1 To UBound(pvarFromPaths, 2)
      If origPdfDoc.Open(pvarFromPaths(0, I)) = True Then
         lngInsertPage = newPdfDoc.GetNumPages
         newPdfDoc.InsertPages lngInsertPage - 1, origPdfDoc, 0, origPdfDoc.GetNumPages, False
         If pvarFromPaths(1, I) <> "" Then
            updfInsertBookmark pvarFromPaths(1, I), lngInsertPage, , newPdfDoc
            mlngBkmkCounter = mlngBkmkCounter + 1
         End If
      End If
   Next I
   newPdfDoc.Save PDSaveFull, pstrToPath
End If
Set origPdfDoc = Nothing
Set newPdfDoc = Nothing
Exit Sub
End Sub
Public Sub updfInsertBookmark(pstrCaption As String, plngPage As Long, _
Optional pstrPath As String, _
Optional pMyPDDoc As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc, _
Optional plngIndex As Long = -1, _
Optional plngParentIndex As Long = -1)
Dim MyPDDoc As Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc
Dim jso As Object
Dim BMR As Object
Dim arrParents As Variant
Dim bkmChildsParent As Object
Dim bleContinue As Boolean
Dim bleSave As Boolean
Dim lngIndex As Long
If pMyPDDoc Is Nothing Then
   Set MyPDDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")
   bleContinue = MyPDDoc.Open(pstrPath)
   bleSave = True
   Set MyPDDoc = pMyPDDoc
   bleContinue = True
End If
If plngIndex > -1 Then
   lngIndex = plngIndex
   lngIndex = mlngBkmkCounter
End If
If bleContinue = True Then
   Set jso = MyPDDoc.GetJSObject
   Set BMR = jso.BookmarkRoot
   If plngParentIndex > -1 Then
      arrParents = jso.BookmarkRoot.Children
      Set bkmChildsParent = arrParents(plngParentIndex)
      bkmChildsParent.createchild pstrCaption, "this.pageNum= " & plngPage, lngIndex
      BMR.createchild pstrCaption, "this.pageNum= " & plngPage, lngIndex
   End If
   MyPDDoc.SetPageMode 3 '3 — display using bookmarks'
   If bleSave = True Then
      MyPDDoc.Save PDSaveIncremental, pstrPath
   End If
End If
Set jso = Nothing
Set BMR = Nothing
Set arrParents = Nothing
Set bkmChildsParent = Nothing
Set MyPDDoc = Nothing
End Sub
<<<< CODE end >>>>>
What i would like to do is when saving the file, reduce the final pdf file size as much as possible.
I don't see any parameters on the PdfDoc.Save that could cause the reduction in file size (hoping there is, just have not found it yet)
I see other Save options like PDSaveCompressed in PDSaveFlags2, but do not know how to get them to work or which ones to choose:
enum PDSaveFlags2 {
     PDSaveUncompressed = 1 << 0,
     PDSaveCompressed = 1 << 1,
     PDSaveCompressStructureOnly = 1 << 2,
     PDSaveRemoveASCIIFilters = 1 << 3,
     PDSaveAddFlate = 1 << 4,
     PDSaveReplaceLZW = 1 << 5,
     PDSaveOptimizeXObjects = 1 << 6,
     PDSaveOptimizeContentStreams = 1 << 7,
     PDSaveOptimizeFonts = 1 << 8,
     PDSaveOptimizeMarkedJBIG2Dictionaries = 1 << 9,
     PDSaveEnsure7bitASCII = 1 << 10,
     PDSaveAutoSave = 1 << 11,
     PDSaveOverrideCollections = 1 << 12
If none of the above will reduce the pdf file size,  I have found other options like PDFOptPDFVersion - setting it to 0x00090000 for Acrobat 9 and up, but again cannot find any examples on how to use it:
AVDocDoSaveAsWithParams    ()   
PDFOptPDFVersion enmAcrobatVersion - can set the version to support to (like acrobat 9 and up)
PDFOptObjectCompression - not sure what the enumerations are on this one.
struct _t_PDFOptParams {
     ASSize_t size;    
      ASPathName asPathDest;    
      ASFileSys fileSys;    
      ProgressMonitor progMon;    
      void* progMonClientData;    
      PDFOptPDFVersion enmAcrobatVersion;    0x00090000
      PDFOptImageOptionsRec imageOptionsColor;    
      PDFOptImageOptionsRec imageOptionsGrayscale;    
      PDFOptImageOptionsRec imageOptionsMonochrome;    
      PDFont* arrPDFontsToUnembed;    
      ASInt32 cPDFontsToUnembed;    
      PDFOptFlattenTransparencyOptions pdfOptFlattenTransparencyOptions;    
      ASBool bRemoveFormActions;    
      ASBool bFlattenFormFields;    
      ASBool bRemoveJavascriptActions;    
      ASBool bRemoveAlternateImages;    
      ASBool bRemoveThumbnails;    
      ASBool bRemoveDocumentTags;    
      ASBool bSmoothenLines;    
      ASBool bMergeImageFragments;    
      ASBool bRemovePrintSettings;    
      ASBool bRemoveSrchIndex;    
      ASBool bRemoveBookmarks;    
      ASBool bRemoveCommentsAndWidgets;    
      ASBool bRemoveDocInfoAndMetadata;    
      ASBool bRemoveObjectData;    
      ASBool bRemoveFileAttachments;    
      ASBool bRemoveCrossRefs;    
      ASBool bRemovePrivateData;    
      ASBool bFlattenVisibleLayers;    
      PDFOptObjectCompression enmObjectCompression;    
      ASBool bUnencodedToFlate;    
      ASBool bLZWToFlate;    
      ASBool bRemoveInvalidBookmarks;    
      ASBool bRemoveInvalidLinks;    
      ASBool bRemoveUnreferencedNamedDests;    
      ASBool bLinearize;    
      ASBool bSkipIrreducibleImages;    
      ASBool bSubsetEmbeddedFonts;    
      ASBool bOptimizeContentStms;    
But again, can't find any examples on how to use these collections.
Any help would be greatly Appreciated!
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