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Forum Name: PDF Security
Forum Description: Discuss security options for PDF including basic protection and DRM.
Printed Date: 13 Oct 2019 at 9:58pm
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Posted By: Frater
Date Posted: 03 Oct 2017 at 8:28pm
Greetings to all community members!
Related to my previous message (11.12.2016) I have a difficult but very important scenario:  For your  background information: If you go through the internet (or TorNet or Usenet), you will find many so called "Free Ebook Libraries". If you are lucky, you will find also some of your own ebooks there or in the worst scenario - even all of them. The selection of these ebook libraries is unbelievable - almost everything is there: ... Among others all J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter-books, many Amazon Kindle ebooks , Kobo books and also scanned pirate copies of printed books which are still for sale for full price somewhere else. This kind of trend will sooner or later destroy the whole ebook-business believe me or not. I have practical experience. Against this background it is self evident that ebook protection against piratism is of vital importance for all authors, whose livelihood is correlated to the sales of their ebooks and who don't want to give all their ebooks fore free. 
Most pirate copies of ebooks and other similar documents in the Internet are PDF files. Thus my question is:
What is the most reliable and most reasonable method at the moment to protect PDF (and possibly also epub) -files from piratism. I don't mean watermarking or similar techniques which require tracking of the criminals ( if your customers are located in a different country, this is quite meaningless as well as legal preceedings because very few of ordinary authors can afford that - especially if the opposing party is a big company without any specific contact information or location).
Let me summarize and specify some of my ideas:
1. The optimal DRM-protection technology should be included in the original (PDF) file,  so that if somebody without permission starts to manipulate that file (copying, sending that electronically using whatever method ( e.g.  email, dropbox, TorNet , Usenet ...) the file destroys itself automatically or causes considerable trouble/damage in that computer or system where it is manipulated...
2. DRM-protection should be linked only  to that person who has created a specific file - not necessarily to a  well known program (like Adobe DRM) or any encryption softwares where you need to trust on the manufacturer of that program or the customer who is buying your product. Thus,  after DRM protection,  your file - when it has been paid and downloaded by the customer -should be "independent" and "programmed" so that any iteraction between the author and customer is unnecessary ( The DRM-protected file should  work/behave like " Embedded computer systems on board the Mars rovers", when direct teleoperation is not any more possible ).
3. The author of the file should be able to operate independently without any interaction between a second or third party.
4. The DRM-protected file should not cause any extra harm for normal law-abiding customers and the author of the PDF-file should be able to determine how many printed copies are allowed for one customer and  how many different computers S/he can use when copying the file (among other parameters) - like many other softwares.
5.  The DRM-protection method should be absolute safe, impossible to break and in every situation watertight ( at the moment an illusion). In our days,  as authors, we cannot any more trust neither on the honesty, loyalty or co-operation of people who are reading our ebooks, nor on the promises of those big publishing houses which are marketing our ebooks. They mainly work for their own benefit and not necessarily very actively (or not at all) for the benefit of their authors. Moreover, we cannot in every respect trust on those companies who are producing DRM softwares.
6. The ideal and acceptable DRM-protection method should also work with PDF or epub files which include several high resolution images.
Professional answers are appreciated based on deep understanding of the latest DRM technologies and firsthand knowledge of methods used in piratism at the moment.
Warm regards,
Frater Anah


Posted By: voporup
Date Posted: 08 Jul 2019 at 10:53am
Its completely depend on which os you are working according to that you put up the protection so far getting easy in windows 10. -  helped me to get the security system in the pc.

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